Hi. I’m Quentin Gliech, a university trained network engineer & developer. You might see me as sandhose on various networks, including GitHub and Twitter.
I did a lot of web development in the past – mostly focused on frontend – but I shifted to the infrastructure side of things during my university years. Nowadays I do a lot around Kubernetes, with a strong interest with everything related to security and automation. I've studied networking and system programming at the University of Strasbourg where I earned a master's degree in computer science.
I'm French, so some of the content in my repos are in that language. My resume is available here in French. I'm available for part-time freelance work, so please contact me by any of the means below.

This website

I've built this website to tell about me and my work. On the technical side of things, it is built in React using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

What I do and can do

I did a lot of side-projects, most of them are available on my GitHub page. Some of my past projects and work experiences can be seen on this website.
I'm a full-stack developer. I worked a lot with React, sometimes with TypeScript for the frontend part. I also wrote backends in Python, Go, Rust, Elixir and Javascript. I happen to also know a lot about PostgreSQL, a SQL relational database management system.
University taught me a lot about low-level system programming, mainly in C. I have a fairly nice understanding on how UNIX-like kernels work on a low level and interacts with the hardware. During my scholarship, I chose to dig a bit into the Internet of Things side, playing with constrainted devices and low power networks like 6LoWPAN and LoRaWAN.
But what I really like to work on currently is on cloud-native technologies. Most of my recent work revolves around Kubernetes, especially the networking and security side of it, using products like Istio, Cilium and Open Policy Agent. I helped moving to Kubernetes in multiple organisations and use it extensively in my personal infrastructure.